Where do I log in to the Farm Like a Hero Experience?

What if I can’t remember my login?

Click “Forgot password?” just below the login boxes and the system will send you a reset link.

Can I access it from my phone?

Absolutely. All the material is available on mobile as well. For the best experience, download this app.

How do I access the Facebook learning community?

To access the private facebook group, go here and request to join. We will approve your request as fast as we can.

Do I need to log in at specific times each week?

No. Everything is recorded, so you can log in whenever fits you best.

When are new interviews released?

We release 2-3 interviews every Friday around 12pm CEST.

How long are the interviews available for?

You have lifetime access to the interviews.

Where can I ask questions for the Q&A sessions?

Every week, you can ask questions from Friday 12pm CEST until Wednesday 10am CEST.

Questions can only be posed in the “Submit your questions here”-post found in the Q&A area in the Experience, meaning questions in the Facebook group will not be considered. The “Submit your questions here”-post will only be visible during the above stated time period.

Questions that address something in the corresponding week’s videos will be prioritized, but you’re welcome to ask unrelated questions as well.

The corresponding Q&A session will be released the following Friday at 12pm CEST.

When are the Q&A recordings available?

A new Q&A recording will be available every Friday at 12pm CEST.

How long are the Q&A recordings available for?

You have lifetime access to the Q&A recordings.

When do I get the bonus e-book?

If you bought the Hero Membership, rest assured that we have you on our bonus gift list. The e-book will not be offically released until after the Experience ends, but we aim to get it in your hands by the end of November.

How can I update my credit card and billing information?

To update your credit card and billing information, log in to the Experience, click on your avatar (profile picture) in the top right corner, choose “Settings”, then choose “Billing info”.

What is your refund policy?

The Hero Membership comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

The regular membership is not eligible for a refund, as you have instant access to a large amount of digital content.

Still have questions? Get in touch at [email protected]