Join pioneering farmer and educator Richard Perkins for an information-dense intensive aimed at getting started on the right foot with profitable Pastured Broilers.

This intensive training focuses on all aspects of designing, planning, installing and managing Pastured Broilers.

Pastured Broilers remain an important consideration for small farmers for many reasons. 

The ecosystem services are very significant due to the relative amounts of animals we can keep on smaller tracts compared with other livestock. 

Easy to handle and easy to scale, this enterprise is a fantastic gateway enterprise to get people started profitably in their farming operations.

Dozens of our past students have gone from this training to start their own pastured poultry businesses. 


Gathering on Friday evening for dinner and to meet each other, we shall spend Saturday in the classroom focused on all aspects of planning and managing this enterprise, including building and running a low-cost approved slaughter facility.

Sunday we take on a hands-on approach to the efficient and effective processing of pastured broilers, and will spend the day in the slaughter facility where participants will rotate through every step of the process.



Saturday we cover the following syllabus:

  • Why Pasture Raised?
  • Constructing field pens
  • Constructing a brooder
  • Feed regimes
  • Planning the enterprise
  • Working with the cash flow
  • Managing for health and wellbeing
  • Constructing a slaughter facility
  • Regulations and Legal aspects
  • Managing the slaughter process
  • Fencing and watering options
  • Predator considerations
  • Storing product
  • Sales and marketing


Sunday is given entirely to running the farm slaughter facility, and we plan to cycle everyone through every role in the processing of broilers.

This hands-on intensive will require patience as everyone cycles through, but it is an unparalleled opportunity to get to grips with all elements of processing poultry efficiently in our low-cost approved facility.

Participants will each have the opportunity to take home 2 birds for the home table.

This training is strictly limited to 10 people to optimize the practical slaughter experience.