Our season will be over in a few weeks. The mornings are frosty now and we’re prepping for winter, draining the water lines down and covering up the garden beds. In order to free up time, we plan to make quite a few changes on the farm next year – more about that in the video.

Have you planned any changes in the new year?

Join the conversation in the comments below. Thousands of people come here to learn, so please share if you have  knowledge or experience that might benefit others.

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  1. Esther

    What a great pleasure to visit all over the place and hear about your living and dynamic projects… 🙂
    I’m living in Quebec province, eastern Canada, following Jean-Martin Fortier work and teaching since many years by now and your way of gardening and raising animals have for me the same spirit, the same proximity with what I can call “a true natural life”… Bringing me joy and inspiration.
    I don’t own a farm and am a little too old to begin(I do love tending a large family garden since 41 years all by myself) but seeing all the youngsters and less young, everywhere, working hard to produce organic products, believing in this way of doing, it gives me hope. Some hope in this too often insane and nonsense world…
    Wishing you and your family a lot of good times, with health and love sharing.
    (not use to write in English, I can’t express exactly my thoughts, but I tried to find the best words to do it).

  2. Evelyn

    Working on improving my family garden and orchard while learning about the farming enterprises. Hoping to one day take over the family farm and try to do pastured poultry to improve the soil and work from home. I am passionate about growing my own food and encouraging others to do the same. My major road blocks to overcome are to help old farmers see the value in farming your way … and to gain access to the land to prove that it is worth doing. My Father tried winging it in Market gardening but after 15 years and having a hard time finding help to do the labour he closed up shop and has now moved to pasture raised beef instead. However when I talk about putting chickens on pasture he looks at me like I am crazy … and when I talk about some of the things that I am doing in my garden he tells me I have too much time on my hands. I know I still have lots to learn before I am ready to move forward.


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