Join us for this 4-day intensive with Richard Perkins, who has grown vegetables using no-dig techniques for over 20 years since leaving organic agriculture school.

Richard will lead you through 4 intensive days covering everything you need to know to market garden successfully; blending the best planning techniques and tools with the best soil care methods, we’ll look at planting to harvesting techniques, prepping beds to preparing new land, as well as all the tools, planning and infrastructure needed to get started efficiently and productively.  

This course has provided hundreds of past students with enough insight and data to go and start successful businesses. 

Our schedule will be full and packed, as well as leaving you with a huge amount of digital resources to take home that cover all aspects of planning and managing a market garden, as well as all other aspects of regenerative agriculture.


  • Bed formation and preparation
  • Planning the farm layout
  • Overview of farm operations
  • The right tools for the job
  • Choosing what crops to grow
  • Working smart
  • Soil, Composts and Nutrition
  • Soil microscopy
  • Making different composts
  • Microgreens
  • Nursery production
  • Greenhouse production
  • Planning a Market Garden
  • Rotations and planting plans
  • Succession cropping
  • Monitoring the plan
  • Washing/ Packing/ Storing produce
  • Marketing and selling your produce
  • CSA’s/ Markets/ Restaurants/ Buying clubs
  • Reflections and next steps