Today many people around the world are promoting sustainability, good animal management and organic production. It’s worth considering that this is all humans did until very recently, and yet history shows us that civilisation after civilisation has failed. The current state of global resource mismanagement needs little introduction.  

The strategies and techniques we use to regenerate landscapes whilst meeting our needs socially and economically are important, but management and decision making is key to long term success.  Humans have never had a clear way to deal with complex systems and in agriculture, by default, we are working with ecological, economic and social complexities.

Whilst we usually meet our simple objectives in everyday life successfully, on the longer term and society wide our species constantly meets unintended consequences of this decision making.  This is because our day to day decision making is mostly around immediate problems, needs and desires which often lack a defined holistic context.  

Managing holistically begins by defining how we wish our life to be in the context of these complex systems, and we consider the resource bases under our management to ensure our decision making leaves intact (or improves) these resources for generations to come.  

Only once our holistic context is defined can we manage effectively, consistently and holistically in alignment with these.


Introduction to Holistic Management Essentials, creating your Holistic Context

  • Intro and Context
  • Defining the Whole under Management
  • Generating your Holistic Context
  • Understanding Your Environment – Reading the Land
  • Tools available for Management
  • Holistic Decision-Making & Testing Decisions
  • Developing a Management Feedback Loop

Introduction to Holistic Planned Grazing


  • Reasons for Planning Your Grazing
  • How to decide and manage Stock Density
  • Assessing Forage Availability
  • Grass and Grazing Interactions
  • Creating a Grazing Plan
  • Implementing your Grazing Plan
  • Biological Monitoring for Range and PasturE
  • Wildlife Factorsck Loop

Introduction to Holistic Management Financial Planning

  • How to plan for and produce a profit
  • How to select the best enterprises to run
  • What to spend money on and when 
  • How to meet your financial challenges effectively 
  •  If managing livestock, how to coordinate the build up of both livestock and infrastructure while remaining profitable
  • What Holistic Management Financial Planning adds to your management p


Ridgedale Farm

WHEN: June 7th – 9th 2024

WHERE: Sweden


Ridgedale Farm

WHEN: August 16th -18th 2024

WHERE: Sweden