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  1. James

    Interesting set up!
    Have you ran this past Joel to see if he has any insights of issues you may have?

    More space per bird, so pathogenicity should not be an issue, nor pecking order fighting.

    Would there be much impact on the re-growth cycle of the pasture? I think Joel has 75 per tractor and that supports 500 birds per acre (although that figure does not divide into an acre!).

    I’m loving your figures and using that as a basis of a business plan, how would this impact those numbers?

    Rather than chocks, with spoked wheels you could use chain and block at 2 corners, rather like a motorcycle anchor that would prevent movement but also prevent lift off in high winds. Not sure what impact that may have on cost, you obviously would not need a padlock! So 2 bits of chain and some cement should be easy to scrounge?

    Then it would also be quick to release for the time and movement factor with just a simple link catch release. Depends on how much of an issue you feel wind would be.

    As for the predator issue, I think you said hawks? You have a nice roof and fake crows as a natural for of the hawk may have success… but you said you’ve lost maybe 1? Not really cost effective to make fake wind flapping crows I’d say.


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