People often ask me for an overview of the farm, and while I’ve given one on earlier occasions, I thought we might do something new this year. I’ll do an aerial fly-over of the farm various times throughout the season, probably monthly, so you can see the seasonal changes.

Here’s what you’ll get a glimpse of today;

  • 0:33 The market garden – the new compost shelter and the Old and New North beds
  • 1:54 The layers
  • 3:26 Tree planting on the neighbour’s land
  • 4:13 The cows and sheep
  • 4:54 Top field and the broilers
  • 5:13 Ragnar and the slow worm, part 1
  • 5:40 The pond and the hot tub
  • 6:26 The orchard
  • 6:58 The market garden – East, West and South beds
  • 7:13 The tunnel
  • 7:30 The surrounding landscape
  • 8:28 Our two local lakes
  • 8:34 The larch patch
  • 9:14 Our “reference” field
  • 9:50 The turning circle and the clear cut forest patch
  • 11:40 Ragnar and the slow worm, part 2

What does your farm look like this time a year? And what’s on it?

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