Glorious spring is here, and this video is a mishmash of fun and relaxing times as well as hard work from the past week. We’ve finally fixed the hot tub that was gifted to us by the digger-driver when we made the pond, and all I can say is; get one!

Some of the week’s activities;

  • 0:42 Three player chess
  • 1:40 Canoeing in the pond
  • 1:53 Fixing the hot tub
  • 6:04 First barbecue of the year
  • 7:15 Doing spring plantings and caring for broilers
  • 9:05 Scrubbing down the hot tub
  • 10:17 Taking the sheep out on grass
  • 11:38 Getting the big tunnel ready for tomatoes
  • 13:27 Hot tub inauguration!

How are you making the most of spring? Have you been under water (hot or cold) yet?

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