What if you could start your farming business with a fair bit of certainty that it would help you reach your main objectives in life and support the quality of life you want?

You actually can.

Whilst no one can guarantee the success of a business, it’s definitely possible to plan for success and thereby make it more likely to occur. That’s what we help you do in our brand new online course, Start the Right Farm.

First we help you get clear on what you actually need (not just what you kinda think you want), because this will transform the choices you make.

Then we help you understand what a range of different enterprises require in terms of time, investments, land base, marketplace and more, consequently making it clear to you which enterprise or enterprises will best support you in meeting your needs.

And lastly we help you make a solid plan for how to market and sell your products and be profitable, because this is what will make your business, and therefore also to a significant degree your life, work.

Our new program will give you the best possible start and most likely save you a lot of time, money and energy.

We’re aware that everyone doesn’t have the same resources. That’s why we offer the majority of our content free of charge. The way that gets funded, though, is through those that have more resources available and can buy our books and trainings.

In 2020, we’re offering 3 full scholarships to the course. Since the aim of these scholarships is to make the course available to people who really need it but really cannot afford it, please only apply if that description fits you.

Start the Right Farm 2020 Scholarship Program

Recipients of a scholarship will receive complimentary access to the online course Start the Right Farm.

To be considered, read the following questions and post your reply in the comments below. Your response must be 250 words or less.

  1. What’s your biggest challenge as you’re trying to start a farm?
  2. Why do you want to start a farm? Who do you want to serve or what do you want to change?
  3. How would the Start the Right Farm online course help you, your family, your community and your business?

The formalities:

  • You apply with a written comment below. Emails and comments elsewhere will not be considered.
  • The comment must be 250 words or less. Comments exceeding 250 words will not be considered.
  • We’re awarding 3 scholarships.
  • The entry deadline is September 15, 2020 at 12pm CEST. Entries made after the deadline will not be considered.
  • The recipients will be announced on this page on September 22, 2020 at 12pm CEST.



First of all a big thank you to all of you who applied. We’ve read every entry, and the beauty you intend to create in the world is both touching and inspiring.

And now, congratulations to the 2020 scholarship recipients:


* Irena Kotiga, Croatia

* Joyce Bergsma, The Netherlands

* Neil Pye, Australia/Norway


We’ll be in touch via email about the next steps.