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The Farm Like a Hero Experience is our 2020 special live event, running from June to November.

You’ll discover Europe’s blossoming regenerative agriculture scene, learn from 70+ of the continent’s best farmers, get your questions answered by me (Richard Perkins) and become part of a supportive community of change-makers.

To learn more, head over to

Here’s an excerpt of my conversation with Hendrik Henk & Judith Oeltze of Gärtnerhof Wanderup in Germany.

Join the conversation in the comments below. Thousands of people come here to learn, so please share if you have  knowledge or experience that might benefit others.

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  1. Anthony Adigbo

    Dear Richard,
    I love to farm .The lockdown was an opportune time to revisit farming. I believe that I wish to make a living out of it. It was such a joy tending my garden during the lockdown. The harvest has been largely good with few concerns.
    I have grown vegetables in flower tubs, empty containers of all kinds that `I could find with great success. I applied skills learned years ago in school – mulching ,raking, hoeing, thinning and pruning to grow tomatoes, Kale, Chard, broad beans, sweet corn , runner beans, Swiss Chard to name just these.
    I grew two different tomato species, deep in the soil with great fruiting results . However, I observed severe tomato blight in one of the tomato species despite heavy fruiting, the other tomato species fruited heavy as well but ripened late ( my crop was generally a few weeks late I believe). Now the weather is changing and I am still having fun although I had to cut the blighted plants down and burn them.
    Better planning could have definitely made me more productive! My concern is how would I have fared loosing so many tomatoes to blight if I had invested in a farm commercially? The fungicides I applied did not seem to help.
    I am therefore rather concerned now, when an acquaintance suggested mushroom farming next year! On a semi commercial scale!
    My first response was to look for literature- I have grown Oyster on a hobby level as a school teacher before. This science project was a hit with my students but that was many years ago in Ghana.
    With the prospect of investment, it is clear I believe that failure, is an option to prevent with good planning and support.
    I am now in England and wanting to explore farming again! Farming for a living. Make farming work out.
    This is the reason I sought out your page. I need help and wish to ask for help with planning and preparing a proposal for a mushroom farming venture in England. Please help.


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