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Today I’d like to hear your opinion about a project I’m considering. This year I’ve been interviewing some of the best up-and-coming regenerative farmers in Europe for our Farm Like a Hero Experience, and for our Hero Members, who were the first to support that project, we’re now putting together an e-book with essays by these farmers in which they share their successes, failures and numbers. That e-book is turning out to be so good that I’m considering publishing it, and I’d love for you to tell me if you’d buy it.

What do you think – should I publish it? Would you buy this book today if I sent you a link?

Join the conversation in the comments below. Thousands of people come here to learn, so please share if you have  knowledge or experience that might benefit others.

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  1. Laurens Libeton

    I can’t believe there are no other comments here. Sounds like an amazing idea/resource. Some thoughts: a large book might not be ideal, from a printing and shipping cost perspective. Also suspect that the nature of the book is quite different from regenerative ag, which can be used as a reference manual/encyclopaedia. Having lots of heroes in the one book is great but suspect partly repetitive and not a reference book like the other. More of a daily dose of inspiration and I would expect something like 200-300 pages to be ample (notwithstanding the fantastic content I am sure you could put in double the nr of pages).


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