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The materials we’ll be using to automate our egg-mobiles in collaboration with Bruno and Cathal have finally arrived. I’ll be filming the automation process, as well as some other changes I’ll be making, for you, starting with this video.

You can check out Bruno’s nest boxes here and Cathal’s online training here.

Are you planning to automate you egg-mobiles?

Join the conversation in the comments below. Thousands of people come here to learn, so please share if you have  knowledge or experience that might benefit others.

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  1. Andrew

    Hi Richard,

    Love it. Thanks for those links too.
    Eliana and I are part of your Farm like a Hero group.
    Took the plunge, moved out of the city, and got license for up to 3000 broilers, and currently 99 hens.

    First egg-mobile is being built right now.
    Not going to automate just yet; but certainly considering it once we’re comfortable with our routine.
    But your videos have guided our build well thus far.
    Egg-mobile #3 with a bottom flap is what we’re building it like.
    And 8 mobile broiler pens being built directly afterwards.

    I saw you had plans digital plans coming along for both; Any chance the egg mobile plans are ready for sale? We’re ordering materials literally this week, and I’d love to compare against what we’ve drawn up.

    If not, that’s cool, just thought I’d ask, keep it up, you and your team have inspired us tremendously.


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