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After seeing the last video, some of suggested I build a bridge over the stream to be able to drive the platform timber all the way. Upon checking the stream, I realised I can drive on the ice today, so no bridge will be needed. I’ll be marking out the positions for all the feet, and then have to put the project on hold until next week.

Any carpenters out there wanna swing by?

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  1. Mark Hulland

    Just a thought: Have you considered an aerial cable/rope to move the wood into areas you can’t get wheels? You have some meaty trees to anchor the ends to, a simple block should reduce friction, you could even set it on a slope so you pull the load down a gradient, and it doesn’t need to be very high of the ground. Pull the load with a winch or even the tractor; multiply the force by using pulleys if needed. May take a couple of hours to set up but time well spent?. (And fun – you could even leave it up for an aerial slide….).


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