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Autumn is rolling in with misty mornings – my favourite time a year. I’m at Ridgedale for a brief spell, so if you’ve been missing updates from the farm, this video is for you! The grass is lush, the trees are heavy with fruit, the sky is blue, the sun is yellow…

Song by Ivor Cutler

What’s your favourite time a year?

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  1. Michael Gilbert

    Well herein southwestern Ontario Canada it is 30c and about 75% humidity. Welcome breeze from the south west. Tomatoes are growing like crazy grass won’t stop herbs that I just didn’t get to are seeding out sun flowers are huge and soon Bluejays will doing their circus tricks to get at the seeds!
    Horses in the barn to get away from the heat and flies goats are resting too!
    Already I find myself trying figure ways of doing things better next year and for that I thank you Richard Perkins you have inspired many a folk to get off their butts and live the the life they want when it comes to food and what they can do to grow food themselves or shop at their local markets.
    Keep up the wonderful work!


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