Today I thought I’d talk about the diet I’m eating and how I’m planning to live exclusively off my farm, hunting, fishing and foraging next year. Going forward, I’ll broaden the content of the blog to include all of that.

Would you like to be able to live like that?

Join the conversation in the comments below. Thousands of people come here to learn, so please share if you have  knowledge or experience that might benefit others.

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  1. Rowan Trollip

    Yes..looking forward to your new adventure!

  2. Dawn Sharp

    Think your idea to experiment with this diet is definitely something that really appeals to me as content to watch and learn! I am currently doing your on-line training and at the end of my second year of my naturopathic nutrition studies, so along the way I’ve been experimenting myself with diets and the ketogenic diet was the one that stood out for me in all areas of improving my health from lowered fasting glucose levels to lowered cholesterol, huge/rapid weight loss (in all the right places!) and zero brain fog. I found it hard to sustain however as where I live carbs rule the day(Italy!). We started our own little no-dig vegetable garden and got chickens too during COVID lock down and have been continually inspired by your frank and honest accounts of how to do all the incredible things you do with such contagious passion. I look forward to seeing how this goes and being once again inspired by your videos and the constantly evolving content you so kindly allow us to share with you. Thank you for keeping it fresh and relevant!

  3. Alia

    I am very sad to hear that you are closing the farm!????

    As for your diet, en fin…… It makes complete sense for me and for the kind of transmission my egyptian old grandmother gave us. She used to say many things elaborating that ( food without meat is not food). And in this world driven by many nonsense and lobbying it is great to hear that.

    Thank you for sharing
    And good luck,
    looking forward to see how things are going to work.

  4. Edward Vergara

    Answering…If I would like to live like that …
    Yes! However I look at it, money, large sums are needed to have land, etc.

    About nutrition: You are correct. I have heard and read concerning the lack of minerals and vitamins in our vegetables. Great concern.

    Look forward to hear how things develop. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Mwila Mwila

    hey Richard, amazing video full of info. I also did a 7 day no cabs only feasted once at 7pm. This was after I watched Dr. Pradip’s videos out of which I learned about the ketones. I think this should be the way forward if the world is to get read of all these funny diseases. I lost 10kgs in just 7 days and all the body inflammation where gone. I also plan to completely get read of cabs and funny oils. I love your work & hopefully one day I’ll attend your masterclass, which am seriously working towards.

  6. Larry Webster

    Looking forward to following you on your journey. I’m looking to start farming in Colorado end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.

  7. Louise Elsworth

    Hello Richard,
    So , what are your thoughts and insights on coffee, and dairy, ie butter, cream, yoghurts, cheeses, and also wines in our diet? (I ask this because i’m stock and fruit farming in France since 2006! all these figure a lot.)

    I’ve been a conventional farmer , born and bred, plus a qualified practicing landscape architect (flood prevention projects (walls!) , etc …and been passionate water sport fanatic, rowing, which requires tonnes of energy. So ive discovered this regenerative farming and this new insight into our diet over 2 years now, and its blowing my mind. I’ve recently re-tried long rowing outing without eating carbs and also not eating for more than 15 hours before the sport , and its been no problem, and I’m old!

    Also you mention needing more farmers to farm meat regeneratvely. So i’m working on that here, helping transition commercial stock farmers in France. BUT, we have a fruit farm on East Essex coast, UK available and in need of young farming entrepreneurs to set up such a project. I’ve been searching on and off for experienced people who are looking for such a farm, i’m sure they are out there somewhere. We have cold stores, an existing shop, 40 acres old unused grass, 10 acres fruit trees. a Café. There is also a local abbatoir. If you know any competant experienced farming entrepreneurs who want to set up. My brother runs it conventionally, but is retiring this year. The farm is just crying out for a regenerative and direct sales farming operation. Please if you know of any likely candidates , please put them in touch with me.

    Many regards, and really good luck with your experiment, I too am following the new scientific insights into our dietary requirements and eating timing. What you are doing is going to be so interesting. Good luck and best regards.

    • Mary

      Great to hear your call out for young regerative farmers for the land in Essex.
      You may like to contact the Land workersAlliance as they too will have good links and connections for going forward. Bon chance

  8. Lucy

    Amazing, Richard – it’s great to see you so excited about the future, although I’m sad that such a great example of regen ag is disappearing.
    I think meat prep, organ prep and culinary ideas are essential to illustrate precisely how this paleo lifestyle is achieved. Cooking oils? Any dairy? Any nuts? I believe hazelnut was an essential part of the food and fibre of paleolithic people, who brought it with them as they spread through Europe.
    No carbs – I can’t do it, li amo le paste troppo!! I shall have to make do with my carb-induced paunch.

  9. Tanja

    Agree with some of your points don’t agree with others. However would love to discuss this topic over a glass of wine (well at least wine for me that is) because I have been vegetarian for most of my live (my daughter even once told someone that she thinks I ‚was born that way‘) but am considering changing that for different reasons (nutrition not being one of it). However, after all these years, my brain does not seem to consider meat as a food anymore (only to name one reason that prevents me from turning meat eater again).
    I guess I could go on for ages here. But we all have more important stuff to do than write and read the comment section of this little video.
    Good luck with your diet!

  10. TJ

    Richard….. I’d absolutely welcome this way of eating and living life. Considering how you are evaluating blog content… how would food, as a whole look, in your context? I.e., hunting, prep, storage, meals and the range of how things are prepared etc.
    I’d also consider a context where your interest and experience would dive deeper into how soils are part of what informs decisions and needs for farm productions and the progressions that are such a valuable element to these processes.
    I also get the impression that you are perhaps looking toward “community” as part of how life is evolving there in Sweden, especially as winter begins to set in….. I, personally, look forward to knowing more of the changes and ways in managing what goes on with the farms and with your life and plans moving forward…..


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