It’s been a while since I last put out a video – I’m teaching a lot this summer and I’ve also taken a few days offf at my farm on the west coast. Right now I’m in the middle of teaching my Regenerative Agriculture Design training here at Ridegedale, which is always a great experience. Apart from the usual curriculum, we’re also building the natural swimming pond.

Do you have a natural swimming pond?

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  1. James Edwin Donovan Conway

    Hi Rich.

    That pool’s coming on nicely mate, well done. You’ve chosen an interesting circulation system (David Pagan Butler style I assume).

    Air pumps ‘do’ work well, but we found them to work best at about 1.6m deep (set within 150mm x 2.4m housing tubes), each with their own 60W compressor. It’s all about the ‘trophic’ nature of the water that you require. Our clients like crystal clear water, because we get alot of snakes in our pools in certain seasons (just looking for a wash and a drink), and the odd Cayman depending upon the location.

    When you ‘share’ a compressor along a range of air-stones, the air has a tendency to stop moving anywhere after about 6m (often less) along the length of the air-feed (due to water pressure) ~ so it’s best to split and divide the feed to only feed 2 stones, and therefore create several feed lines (which ‘we’ found to be ineffective, so add 1 compressor per pump when we do it now, with a bigger air pump itself) … but experiment away and have fun.

    Oxygenation of the water body is actually better achieved with a submersible low consumption water circulation pump ~ when added to a venturi.

    Any questions buddy, just drop me a line ok.

    Best Regards.


  2. Treena

    I have been following you for around three years now and just watched your latest video. While you are clearly ‘nailing it’ on the business/inspirational front, what stands out to me is the joyful/playful Richard I am now seeing. I just wanted to congratulate you on your courage to look deep and make choices that fill your soul outside of your traditional focus. You have worked so hard to be where you are today, but I suspect as you continue this journey of wisdom you will reap far greater rewards than you will have imagined in the most unexpected places. Go well Richard, you have given so much and deserve all the rewards that are coming your way. Ragnor reminds me so much of my son as a child. He is now on the cusp of becoming an astonishing nature photographer who sees the small things in nature most others miss. They are unique souls.


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