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Today we’re making compost out of green material (relatively high in nitrogen), brown material (relatively high in carbon) and cow manure (high in nitrogen, too, but also microbes that act as kick-starters) that is put together in a layer cake. This bacterial compost is good for compost teas for our pastures and our gardens.

A breakdown of today’s contents;

  • 0:32 Chicken processing
  • 2:00 The new pond after 48 hours
  • 2:24 Introduction to compost making
  • 18:00 Making the compost pile
  • 30:13 The pond after 72 hours
  • 30:50 New chicks and two geese arrived
  • 32:44 Tree lane mulching coming up

What do you use for making compost and how do you go about it?

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