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It’s been a big week! The first batch of broilers has been slaughtered and packed, and it’s finally been warm enough to get the tomatoes out in the greenhouse. Egg production is getting going, the new chicks are growing well, salad crops are doing great this year, we’ve released the new peacocks, and in the middle of it all I’m also interviewing amazing farmers for the Farm Like a Hero Experience. Phew!

Today’s video at a glance;

  • 0:34 Layers
  • 1:00 Broilers and cows
  • 1:15 Second slaughter day
  • 2:02 Cucumbers and tomatoes in the nursery
  • 2:53 Chicken packing
  • 6:54 Chicks
  • 7:40 Farm flyover
  • 8:10 Greenhouse crops
  • 9:23 A look in the market garden
  • 10:56 How we handle tomato plants
  • 13:18 New peacocks released
  • 13:58 Pickup of evisceration remains
  • 14:35 Tomatoes getting a sip of epsom salt
  • 16:14 Farm Like a Hero Experience update

How are your tomatoes doing – lost in the frost, stuck in the nursery or good in the ground?

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