In our signature online training, the Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass, I show you how to plan and design a farm that is both regenerative and profitable.

The training covers everything you need to know about clarifying your objectives, creating your design, setting up your infrastructure, choosing and running your enterprises, selling your products and managing your business.

It contains all of the strategies, methods and techniques I’ve used to build my own highly profitable and regenerative farming business on a small rural plot at 59 degrees North, and can potentially save you years of trial and error, not to mention a substantial amount of money.

I’ve taught thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to start their own successful farm and live the life they dreamed of.

This comprehensive training features more than 80 hours of instructional videos, numerous PDF’s and worksheets, weekly Q&A sessions with myself, support from a select handful of students-turned-farmers, a private participant community and a resource library.

We’re aware that everyone doesn’t have the same resources. That’s why we offer the majority of our content free of charge. The way that gets funded, though, is through those that have more resources available and can buy our books and trainings.

The Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass is normally only live once a year, but because of the ongoing pandemic we’ve decided to run a summer edition this year. With registration for the S21 cohort opening soon, I’m happy to announce that we have 3 full scholarships available.

The scholarships are open to people of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders, ages, diet preferences and musical tastes. However, since the aim of these scholarships is to make the course available to people who really need it but cannot afford it, please only apply if that description fits you.

The Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass S21 Scholarship Program


Recipients of a scholarship will receive complimentary access to the online training The Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass (S21).

To be considered, carefully read the instructions below and carry out the 3 actions listed no later than Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 3PM Copenhagen (convert time here).

1. Follow us on Instagram (, Facebook (Ridgedale Farm) or both.

2. Share a post on Instagram, Facebook or both.

The post must be public and contain all of the following four elements:

A) 2 images;

  • A portrait of you
  • A photo of your farm or the land you plan to farm on.

B) A text that answers the following questions;

  • What’s your name and where are you located?
  • What’s your biggest challenge as you’re trying to start or run a farm?
  • Why do you want to farm? Who do you want to serve or what do you want to change?
  • How would The Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass help you, your family, your community and your business?

C) The hashtag #regenerativeagriculturemasterclass

D) If on Instagram, tag / If on Facebook, tag @Ridgedale Farm

Text including hashtag and tag must not exceed 2200 characters.

3. Post a link to your Instagram/Facebook post in the comment section of this blog post (scroll down).

The formalities:

  • Entry deadline is Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 3pm Copenhagen (convert time here).
  • Only applications that are submitted before the deadline and comply with all of the above guidelines will be considered.

We look forward to receiving your application! Recipients will be announced on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 on Instagram and Facebook as well as in this post, and on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 in our newsletter, Perkins Insider.


Thank you to everyone who applied for a Regenerative Agriculture Masterclass S21 scholarship.

It was a really tough decision to make, with so many wonderful dreams and projects to choose from.

The scholarship recipients are:

Quentin Pierreux, Azienda Agricola L’Ortasico, Italy

Alejandro Tarsitano, Argentina

Luke March, USA

If you’re a recipient, please get in touch with us at [email protected] for details on how to join the Masterclass.





  1. Zvonimir

    Hello Richard!

    I am Zvonimir from Croatia. I am 27 years old and am living in a rural masia in Catalonia with a friend. We are starting a small pastured chicken business next year with a goal of regenerating a field of 2.5 hectares used extensively for intense avena cultivation and turning it into a resilient food forest over the coming years.

    I am interested in participating in the masterclass and getting a scholarship. However, I have a problem. I don’t use neither facebook or instagram anymore. Is there another way of applying to the scholarship?

    Best regards

    • Mike Tunseth

      Hello Ridgedale Farm (Richard),

      I look forward to one day meeting you in person. Until then, here’s my application and I appreciate your consideration.

      Including a picture of my equipment (wood chipper) aka Dixie my dog 😉

      Also, one of the boys learning inversion first hand. Small earthquakes occur frequently and likely opened small cracks, which allowed water to seep in on top of thick ice. Self flooding, but impossible to make a skating rink during that time.

      Good Luck ALL, and Keep it Growing!

      -Mike and Dixie
      (Kenai, Alaska, USA)

  2. Jono Jenkins

    Thanks for this opportunity! I have applied via instagram.

    Many thanks,

  3. Hopeful Muhau

    From when I started listening to Mr Perkins videos on YouTube, really trying to learn more about Regenerative Agriculture, I started downloading and reading all the material I could find on it and made the research and quest into a mini-project. I really hope to learnt 1st hand at his feet, grasping all the wisdom and knowledge he has gained to also help others, help restore our Planet and live a meaniful and fulfilling life

    • Luke James Dinan

      Hi there! Please find us @greywolfgardens on Instagram and Facebook where you will find our entry for this amazing opportunity!
      Thank you

  4. Brad and Anne Anderson

    Here is the link to our Instagram post for the Master Class application!

    As newbie farms launching a regenerative farm in a brittle South African environment, this would be a game changer for us!
    Thanks for all you have already given to us from Ridgedale Farm. Inspiration, data, information and practical skills – amazing!
    Brad and Anne


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