I’ve just been out hunting for the first time, at a friend’s place near Stockholm. I shot a beautiful buck and it was a very special experience that I’ll share more about in this video.

Viewer discretion: This video contains images of a dead animal.

Do you hunt?

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  1. Jason Hamilton

    I’m on the same page Richard, just joined a rifle club with a view to hunting for food/survival, as a lifelong wildlife gardener, total nature conservationist. Godbless you, Jason

  2. Jason Hamilton

    Ps could you take my surname off the post if possible thanks

  3. Ose

    Hey Richard,
    I am not hunting but my husband just started to do it, and I am kind of fascinated
    1. His , philosophy‘ is very near to yours. A very natural appeoach. More than a hobby, a need, he says: if I eat meat and want to be able to hunt!
    2. our surrounding however is reacting really hatch, highly surprised and disgusted… no matter how calmly he explains his mitivation he gets verbally attacked.

    Seems that there are lot of black and white opinions around this topic. What supeises me mist, is that people pretending beeinf , sustainable‘ ate most critical. Although hunting entails a lot of conservation aspects.
    Hunters seem to have a negative image in western european societies. And the dialogues among us get really polarized and quiet intolerant, that is a real pitty!

    • Gabriel B

      When I was a young boy me and a friend of mine used to shoot guns for fun and sometimes would shoot and kill rabbits for fun in the desert lands of the U.S state of Arizona, we excused the poor behavior with the idea that we where helping cull the seemingly overpopulated rabbit species in the area, when in reality we had no information on that. Our actions where never reprimanded so it didn’t really occur to me until into my young adult hood that what I did was wrong and an inhumane thing. I beat myself up for it till this day and mostly regret not eating the rabbits I killed. I was young but It definitely left a mark in my memory. .

      Anyways, I felt that you where vulnerable in sharing this intimate moment with us so I felt like being vulnerable and sharing that story with you.

      PS good shot

  4. Alexandra Seiler

    Really enjoyed the video Richard. We are also venturing into wild foods and hunting on our property in NSW, Australia. We are blessed with introduced deer, goat and boar.
    We also wish to include our children in the slow process of finding the beast, the moving experience of taking a life to feed life, the appreciation of the work of butchering and using up all of the carcass and skin. The world needs more opportunity to experience this and develop these skills. It only enriches our connection and appreciation to the natural world and it’s cycle of life and death.
    I hope rewilding some of our agricultural lands might provide more opportunities for communities to source their own food. We’d all be better for it.
    Thanks again for sharing your intimate experience.

  5. MO

    I got my first deer this year as well, a White Tail Deer. Harvested from one of our fields. Sure makes you feel like your Ancestors…
    We also had 8 feeder pigs this year which we rotated through our Farm/Bushland for the first time. That has been very much inspired by your book. We butchered them on Farm but got the processing done by a professional.
    Anyways, Peace from Canada


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